Erl Bangston

Erl Bangston

Erl Bangston, our founder and friend,  passed away peacefully last Friday at his home in Red Oak, Iowa, with his wife Cynthia and Jade, their beloved cat, at his side.

From our president, Rick Chapman, “Erl will be deeply missed here, leaving behind only those fond memories we have of him.  I know that Erl would tell us do not grieve his death but rather celebrate his life.  And that is just the way Erl was – always enjoying life to the fullest.  His positive outlook and frame of mind were infectious and he could make a mean pot of soup to boot.  He was a great mentor to many of us, always had a smile for everyone and was highly regarded by anyone who ever had the opportunity to meet him.  This is truly a great loss to our Company and to our community as a whole.  Nevertheless, always remember Erl with a smile on your face because that is the way he would want it!”


  1. Prescott L Wadsworth says:

    You were a tough businessman.  I would have like to worked with you for 6 months, and learn some
    great ideas from you.  You were probably difficult to work for, but I saw the YOUR BIG HEART.

    You always said, “Hi Pres,” whenever you saw me and I always made sure we had a brief conversation
    whenever possible.  The last time I saw you, was at Payless Foods this summer, walking to your new 
    Toyota Prius with the license tag:  ERL.  We spoke for a while and you were wearing tennis shoes and
    you looked great.  I have PW on my plates.

    Luv you Erl: