Spring is Coming to Whidbey Island

Participants and visitors to Mystery Weekend in Langley were treated to chilly, wet weather. This didn’t dampen spirits at all and the weekend was a success all around – especially for the shop owners that provided shelter from the inclement weather. This week, especially Wednesday, we got a peek of what our upcoming spring will look like – balmy, sunny, and warm (kind of). It was just to wet our whistle, however, since the days are back to cloudy with chance of rain through the weekend. We’re encouraged, though. We’ve seen what is to come!


  1. Josslyn Drye says:

    My family and I are moving to the area from out of state. We would like to rent/lease a home while looking for a house to buy in the Langley area. We are looking for 2+ bedrooms, up to $2200. Please let me know if your office has rental/leases available.
    Thank you!