Getting Ready for our Whidbey Island Winter

The mornings are chilly, it’s getting darker earlier in the evening, the grass (finally!) doesn’t need to be mowed. Summer’s almost over and we’re heading into fall. Lots of us are starting to do a little bit of winterization in anticipation of a wet and, possibly, snowy winter. Stocking up on firewood, cleaning gutters, pressure washing the deck and steps, getting the last bits from our garden, and cleaning up the yard. House Logic has a great article on keeping your roof in ‘tip-top’ condition. Tasks include cleaning the gutter, removing leaves and moss from the roof, and trimming overhanging tree limbs. All good things to do before winter. Here’s the full article.

Whidbey Weather

Just when you think you know what to expect for summertime weather, nature throws you a curve-ball. This week we’ve been have some very unusual thunderstorms with lots of lightning, thunder, and pounding rain. This is typical for some parts of the country, but here? Not so much. It IS exiting, though. Especially the lightning during the night when the sky lights up like a camera flash in your eyes. I think the garden appreciates the mid-July rain although many of the dogs around are not particularly happy about the cracks of thunder.

Click here to see a great video of the lightning strikes on Whidbey.